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natural perfection from the heart of Montenegro

“Water! You have no taste, nor color, nor smell, you cannot be described but only enjoyed not even understanding what you really are. One does not just need you to live, you are the life itself… You are the greatest treasure of the world, but also very fragile, you, so pure while in the bowels of the earth… You don’t tolerate any impurities, you cannot stand anything of foreign nature. You are a divinity that can be easily frightened away. But you give us eternal and simple happiness.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Perfect quality

Monte Minerale has received international certificate ISO 22000. The quality of water is confirmed by multiple diplomas and certificates.

Unique characteristics

Thanks to the unique minerals present in the composition of Monte Minerale water, you will forget about your health problems and stay in great shape.

Wonderful taste

Monte Minerale is a mineral water that your palate will enjoy. The water tastes great even after a prolonged storing.

Organic product

Being drawn at 350 m depth, the deepest point of underground waters in Montenegro, this water is healthy and pure with unique composition.

Place of birth Monte Minerale

A picturesque green valley, “Valley of Gods”, lies at the base of Tmor mountain. Cristal clean air, flowers’ aroma and gentle sun rays surround “MonteMinerale” spring and give birth to truly living water. This is the deepest point of underground waters in Montenegro.

  • Ca +2 – 46,0
  • HCO3- – 213,5
  • Mg +2– 1,467
  • K+ – 0,53
  • SO4-2 – 4,4
  • Na+ – 3,37
  • РH value – 7,12
  • Dry residue at 105оС – 149 mg/l
  • Dissolved oxygen – 78,5 %
  • Salinity – 294,7 mg/l

Why Monte Minerale water is good for you

Thanks to the regular consumption of Monte Minerale mineral water you will improve your health, lose weight, regulate your digestive system, as well as improve urination processes and reduce level of inflammation of your urinary system. Besides, when you regularly drink Monte Minerale, it will have a positive impact on your skin, hair and nails. There are 18 healthy minerals and microelements in this water.


Coordinates permeability of cell membranes, intracellular processes, neural patency, muscle activity, supports cardiovascular system, bone shaping and teethe mineralization, participates in one of the most important faze of hemostasis – blood coagulation.


Plays an important role in the intracellular and intercellular processes. Together with potassium sodium takes part in generation of nerve impulse, plays a role in the mechanism of short-term memory and influences health of muscle and cardiovascular systems.


Takes part in most metabolic responses, in regulating neurotransmissions and muscle activity, has spasmolytic effect. It brings blood pressure to normal and is beneficial for blood sugar and cholesterol level. It is necessary for strengthening the bony cage and prevention of bone loss (osteoporosis). It also helps to reduce body weight.


Brings heart beat to normal and protects acid-base blood balance. Potassium is beneficial for oxygen supply of brain, as a result mental activity increases. It participates in neurotransmissions, reduces blood pressure, and removes toxins out of your system.

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Monte Minerale diplomas and certificates

About the company

“Bozja Voda” company was founded in 2004 for the purpose of constructing a facility for mineral water bottling.

Monte Minerale water comes to the consumer in its original state, only slightly softened during handling.

It is drawn at the depth of 350 meters, in the very heart of Montenegro, in the forest reservation area, between cities of Cetinje and Podgorica.


  • Mineral water is bottled into plastic 0.5 and 1.5 liter bottles.
  • One package without a handle contains 12 0.5 l bottles.
  • One handled package contains 6 1.5 l bottles.
  • Packages are wrapped by heat-shrink film with the company’s logo.
  • For transportation packages are set on Euro-pallets; 18 packages of 0.5l in one row or 21 packages of 1.5l in one row.
  • Number of the rows will depend on the client’s order.
  • In the end the whole pallet is wrapped by stretch film and then it is ready for transportation.

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